"When In Doubt Workout & Ask For Help!" - Erica


Entrepreneur & Community Advocate

Erica believes every child and youth has the right to access to recreational and physical activity, regardless of current economic barriers. There is a gap in children's and youth physical and mental health today. As an award-winning fitness instructor, personal trainer, and motivational speaker, Erica partners with schools, children's aid society, community organizations, companies, and individuals to closes that gap through teaching students motivational fitness classes, wellness workshops, and personal training sessions.


Erica's mission is to create healthy bodies and healthy minds through sharing strategies students can easily adapt to their lives to be fit, active, healthy and happy. Erica's signature program is motivational fitness classes- a unique combination of fitness instruction + motivational words/stories. Fitness is for everyone and every body type. Erica shares fitness moves with upbeat music and a fun superhero theme that everyone audience can identify with.


As a former youth in care, Erica knows first hand the lack of healthy coping skills and lifestyle tools kids and youth face today. With 10+ years in the fitness industry and 10 professional certifications, Erica has worked with over 25 000 + individuals in customizing and creating unique healthy lifestyle fitness plans including, exercise program, nutrition plans, stress/relaxation programs, lifestyle/fitness challenges, and more. 


In 2011, Erica was awarded " Instructor of the year" for empowering thousands of women and youth in how to create a healthy lifestyle.


In 2012, Erica was sought out to become a motivational speaker to share her personal childhood challenges and her business success. 


In 2016, Erica released her first book titled, " I Am My Own Superhero" a life skills workbook for teens, parents, educators, and healthcare professionals, and anyone who wants to learn how to awaken or strengthen their inner superhero. 


In 2017, Erica partnered with Rogers TV to create a positive life skills TV show for youth between the ages 12-25. Erica hosted and produced The Recovery Road with Erica that premiered September 11th, 2017. 


Currently, Erica resides in Ingersoll, Ontario with her husband Graham and their beautiful doggies; Molson and Stella. In her spare time, Erica enjoys cooking new recipes, watching Netflix, spending time outdoors hiking and snowboarding. Erica loves the adventure of life and looks forward to learning new things! 



Movement can happen anytime, anywhere, and with anyone

Erica's approach to fitness is motivating, inspiring, but most importantly fun. You don't need fancy equipment to get moving. Erica uses fun dance moves, upbeat music, and fitness challenges to get kids, teens, parents, and educators moving! 

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